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Dallas Lot Clearing Services

Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 08:03 PM  posted by admin

There are a “lot” of reasons you might want a lot cleared or cleaned up. Maybe you’ve bought an empty lot that has some trees that need to be cleared. Perhaps you’ve got an old house you’ve demolished, but there are some old tree stumps or dead trees that need to be removed, and the prospect of trying to clear a lot all by yourself is just too daunting…whatever the case, it’s probably best, in the long run, to leave clearing a lot to a professional lot clearing expert.

If you’ve already called a few tree removal service companies and were surprised to hear they don’t do lot clearing, you’re not alone—and neither are they.

Most tree removal or tree pruning service providers won’t deal with underbrush and other foliage you’re likely to encounter while attempting to clear a lot and make it suitable for building or other purposes. Lot clearing can be a big job because many tree root systems can interfere with your foundation plans and underbrush can be difficult to remove by hand.

We have almost half a century of tree pruning, tree or stump removal, and other tree-related service experience under our belt, along with root barrier experience and deep fertilization. We also have experience in clearing lots to make them suitable for whatever your needs might be.

Fill out the form to the right for a free quote, give me a call at 214-450-8720, or email me at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com today.


Tree Removal Services in the Dallas Area

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 @ 07:03 PM  posted by admin

There can be many reasons you might need the services of an expert tree removal service crew. Some of the most common reasons for the need to remove a—or several—trees include:

  • Diseased trees. These could eventually fall and endanger property, or worse, injure or kill people.
  • Early Tree Removal Saves Money…Sometimes Lives!
  • Damaged trees. There are all sorts of ways trees can be damaged, requiring removal to maintain safety. From lightning strikes, high winds, excessive size/weight leading to weakening limbs, etc. The recent snows that hit North and Central Texas, setting the “most snow within an 24-hour period in Texas history” record, resulted in many tree boughs breaking, necessitating many trees be removed or undergoing major tree pruning services.
  • Liability Issues. Not only are the dangers of falling trees or boughs merely dangers to individuals or property, but also the possibility of liability for such falling on some other person’s property, family members, etc, resulting in liability problems. When such dangers exist, it’s best to engage in expert tree removal to avoid those potential scenarios.
  • Construction Renovations. At times, tree removal is dictated by constructional renovations such as add-ons, or the building of additional structures, where the existence of trees will get in the way; in such cases, renovations win out! Only experts in the task should execute tree removal.

At Wauson Tree Service, we have 50 years experience in not only tree removal, but also every other tree service you can imagine, from tree pruning, stump removal, tree cabling, fertilization, and much more.

We’re family owned—for three generations, now—and we don’t sub-contract out to other providers, so our prices are typically the lowest, in addition to you having the assurance of getting the very best combination of expertise and price.

We back up our work, beginning with FREE QUOTES, just fill out the form to the right, give me a call 214-450-8720, or email me at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com TODAY! Don’t put things off until it’s too late.


Tree Pruning Services in the Dallas Area

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 @ 12:03 PM  posted by admin

Tree pruning is not something that should be taken on by the average person. Not only are there inherent dangers associated with tree pruning, which, when encountered, suddenly, by the inexperienced individual, can cause bodily injury, but can also result in damage to property, or the tree.

Expert Tree Pruning is Best!

There are established tree pruning standards and techniques not basically known to the layperson, if not followed, could lead to serious damage to cherished trees and other foliage; if these standards aren’t observed.

Trees improperly pruned—although by well-meaning individuals—could very well suffer damage to overall integrity, resulting in death to the tree(s) that could also ultimately end up in property damage or bodily injury at some future date. The eventual outcome will most likely lead to unwanted tree removal—an unfortunate occurrence that could have been avoided had true experts been consulted.

Tree pruning should only be attempted by either highly experienced professionals or individuals with extensive familiarity how to prune and care for trees and other plants; Certified Arborists are preferred. At minimum, such efforts to engage in amateur tree pruning should be closely supervised by a seasoned expert such as a Certified Arborist.

Wauson Tree Service has been successfully providing an unparalleled combination of skill, with Certified Arborists on staff, along with nearly half a century of family-owned care, and typically the lowest prices, too! Our prices can remain low because we don’t sub-contract our tree services out to other companies that mark up prices to get their “cut”.

Get your free, no-obligation quote by filling out the form on the right, calling me 214-450-8720, or emailing me at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com.