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Should You Contract for Tree Services?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 @ 08:09 PM  posted by admin


Trees planted aren’t just for today; they’re also for the future. Trees need maintenance, but proper maintenance. You just can’t plant trees and let them go. A decision to contract for tree services is one of the best ways to insure the trees on your property will maintain a long and healthy life.

It takes a professional arborist, someone completely knowledgeable, trained and specially equipped, to know what it takes to maintain the trees on a property. These folks understand the essential value of trees, which provide numerous aesthetic, social, environmental, and economical benefits.

Healthy trees can help provide the following:

• An increase in property value–– Trees that are well cared for can actually add value to a property by 5-20%.
• Reduction of cooling costs–– Trees provide free shade and can help to significantly reduce the cost of keeping your property cool during summer months.
• Inexpensive climate control–– Healthy trees can help moderate the effects of the sun, rain, and wind.
• Air filtration–– You may not be aware of it, but the trees on your property are constantly absorbing harmful gases in the air and filtering other airborne pollutants.
• Needed privacy–– Everyone needs privacy along with the beautiful scenery that trees can provide.

As you can see, contracting for tree services is a solid investment that can keep your property looking good and your trees healthy for years to come.

However, contracting for a tree service should be a careful process. The best companies will be bonded along with the proper licenses and insurance. The arborists who service your property should also be properly trained. Even then, your job is to follow-up to make sure they’re legitimate.

Wauson Tree Service has been in business for over 50 years, serving the residents of Dallas and surrounding areas with distinction. We do it all; tree trimming, stump removal, tree pruning, tree removal, and much more. We’ll also give you a free estimate on what tree services we think would benefit your property.

Looking to contract for a dependable tree service? Give us a call today at 214-450-8720 or email us at walt {at} waustontreeservice {dot} com.


Storm Damage Cleanup – Courtesy of Wauson Tree Service in Dallas

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 @ 03:09 PM  posted by admin

The storm damage that can occur from the wind and rain is unpredictable. When this happens, people are quite often hard-pressed to find a solution that can help restore their property back to its original state of health and beauty.

Why spend personal time in the aftermath of a storm worrying about the next step when you can call the experts at Wauson Tree Service?

Of course storms don’t always leave destruction in their wake, but when the winds and rain hit 60 mph, there will usually be a lot of debris caused by falling trees and tree limbs. Power lines, uprooted sprinkler systems, electrical systems and property damage are often the result. If this happens, the only solution is to turn to the people with the equipment and know-how to handle the emergency.

The attempt at storm damage cleanup can result in personal injuries that very few people are prepared for. Have you ever fallen off a ladder? Have you ever cut yourself on a piece of broken glass reaching in a pile of debris? Like most people, you probably have a ton of memories that you could share. At Wauson Tree Service, we take the worry you might have and we remove the danger of you trying to go it alone.

Professional arborists can assess the property damage, give you a free estimate of the work we can do, and offer some great advice if repairs on the property are beyond our reach. After all, when you’ve been in business for over fifty years as we have, there aren’t many surprises left when dealing with storm damage cleanup.

We can help restore your property back to its original splendor as quickly as possible. We can even suggest ways of enhancing your property’s aesthetic value beyond its original state. We can also offer other services, which include tree trimming, tree pruning, tree stump removal, cabling, tree removal, and much more.

There’s no need to stress! Give us a call today or email us at Walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com. Or call us at 214-450-8720. We’re the tree service you can depend on.


Find a Dallas Lot Clearing Service You Can Depend On

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 @ 08:09 PM  posted by admin

The need for lot clearing may not be obvious at first, but if you travel during the year or if you’re a recent victim of storm damage, you may need lot clearing services, such as those offered at Wauson Tree Service. The truth is most people really don’t have the time to take care of their property’s true needs.

Like everyone else, you work hard to enjoy your level of lifestyle. Weekends and hard-earned vacation time shouldn’t have to be spent breaking a sweat working on the property. And there’s always the possibility that personal bodily injuries can occur if you attempt strenuous work by yourself!

Don’t risk injury. If you’re looking to find a lot clearing service you can depend on, call the experts.

But many tree removal companies in Dallas don’t offer lot clearing services. Dealing with underbrush and thick foliage can be a tough job for some so-called experts. This presents a challenge for homeowners who need this work done for safety and other purposes. We’ll come out, assess what needs to be done and give you a free estimate. There’s no hassle and our customers like the way we go about business.

We’ve been in the business for over fifty years helping homeowners and property owners just like you. It doesn’t matter how intimidating your brush thickets appear to be, our arborists have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to give you the satisfaction and peace of mind people have come to expect when working with us.

Not only do we offer one of Dallas’s finest lot clearing services, but we’re also experts in providing services that include tree trimming, tree pruning, tree stump removal, and tree stump grinding.

Keeping your property safe and beautiful is an ongoing task. Healthy trees and shrubbery add to the value of your property, both
aesthetically and as an investment. The average homeowner looks to invest in stocks, bonds, and even gold! However, trees increase your property value the moment you plant them and they add to your home’s resale value and overall curb appeal.

Give us a call today for a free estimate at 214-450-8720, or email us at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com.


Deep Root Fertilization – Wauson Tree Service in Dallas Delivers

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 @ 08:09 PM  posted by admin

Trees in any environment will benefit when roots are properly fertilized. And trees in urban settings are especially prone to the neglect of their root systems because of pavement, pipes, and irrigation systems that obstruct. Without nutrients in the soil getting down to the root level, trees and shrubs may never attain their full growth and aesthetic potential.

It’s through the soil that trees are fertilized and it takes an expert to determine the customized fertilizer treatments the trees on your property will require. However, not just any “tree guy or gal” can be called on to provide deep root fertilization services.

For best results, deep root fertilization treatments should be planned on a yearly service rotation. The goal is to prevent root damage before it occurs. If there are already signs of deep root damage, soil compaction, or other tree or shrubbery health problems, an increase in the frequency of treatments is highly recommended. Otherwise, your trees and plant growth will suffer, and may eventually die.

Here are several benefits of deep root fertilization:

• Soil conditions around the root are improved
• Water is absorbed by tree roots at a greater rate
• Runoff and erosion are significantly decreased

Our professional and certified arborists are skilled at providing most every conceivable tree service, and along with deep root fertilization, we provide tree removal, stump grinding, and cabling services. We also provide storm damage and lot cleaning services.

Family owned with over a half a century of expertise, you can count on Wauson Tree Service to get the job done. The experts at Wauson Tree Service can give you a free estimate and advice with confidence. We can also advise what your next step should be.

We never subcontract the job out, and our prices are tough to beat. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 214-450-8720 or email us at walt {a} waustontreeservice {dot} com.


Tree Trimming in Dallas – The Recommendations of an Arborist Matter

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 @ 08:09 PM  posted by admin

For over 50 years, Wauson Tree Service has provided excellent tree services to customers, which include pruning, trimming, removal, fertilization, tree bracing, and more. We understand the true aesthetic and environmental value that trees can bring to any property.

Our certified arborists work directly with property owners, like you, to ensure any work maintains the original feeling and beauty of the property. And we’ll talk with you about long-term health related goals for your trees and shrubbery.

Are there dead or dying trees that need removing? Which trees should be cut and which ones should be spared? What other plant species on the property need further development to help them mature properly?

We’ll also help you identify any potential hazards to people and wildlife that you may not be aware of, such as interference with other trees, driveways, or utility wires. There may even be healthy trees that need removing, if they are interfering with other trees and present a potential hazard.

You can trust the recommendations of a certified arborist because they are knowledgeable about trees. Proper tree care is a personal investment that can lead to substantial property returns. If your trees are well maintained, it’s possible to realize an increase in your property value.

Certified and qualified arborists can recommend the following services:

Pruning – Tree pruning may involve branch or limb removal or training young trees. Our arborists can advise on the best strategies.

Tree removal – While tree removal is always a last resort, there are circumstances that arise that make it necessary. Qualified arborists possess the skills, knowledge, and equipment to get the job done.

Emergency care for trees – When your trees need emergency care because of disease, insect infestation, or storm damage, an arborist can assist in performing the job in a safe manner, while helping to eliminate or reduce any further risk or damage to property.

Tree Planting – Planting trees in the wrong location can lead to future damage such as insect infestation, tree disease, power line obstruction, and poor growth.

Arborists can recommend a lot of things concerning the health and safety of the trees on your property –– and what they recommend matters.

Why not give us a call today for more information at 214-450-8720, or email us at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com.