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Why Hire a Tree-Trimming Service?

Monday, August 12, 2013 @ 02:08 PM  posted by admin

Trimming trees can sometimes be a challenge even for those who do it for a living. If you attempt it yourself, the final result may be a landscape that looks terrible. Worse, you could end up with an injury that costs you time and money. So, how do you find the right company to service your tree-timing needs?

Finding the Right Company

Finding the right tree-trimming service isn’t as difficult as you might think. First look for a company that offers years of experience, like Wauson Tree Service. Look for an organization that hires only certified arborists–professionals who know your tree-care needs like the back of their hand. At Wauson Tree Service, we guarantee our customers satisfaction and we offer a wide range of commercial and residential tree services for residents in the Dallas area. Customers choose our services because they know we stand by our work 100 percent.

Why a Professional Tree Service Matters

Hiring a professional arborist matters because neglected or improperly trimmed trees can hurt your landscape in a number of ways. A lack of visual appeal would be the most obvious reason. The most critical reason to hire professionals would be to remove the threat of serious injury. Injury to people or animals can result in lawsuits that could set you back financially for years to come.

You could also end up injuring yourself. Tree trimming is no easy task and can be dangerous work. The larger the tree, the more difficult it can be to prune, maintain or remove. Big jobs may require big equipment to complete jobs safely, on time and on budget.

What You Can Expect from Wauson Tree Service

The arborists at Wauson Tree Service can give you a free estimate and assess all your tree-pruning needs, taking into account both the trees and surrounding landscape. We’re committed to doing a safe job and leaving your property in great shape.

  • Only certified arborists will service your property
  • We can provide proof of insurance
  • We are fully licensed in the state of Texas
  • We can provide excellent references about the quality of our work
  • We have numerous industry accreditations
  • We’re rcommitted to your safety and others
  • We’re a cut above the competition

Do You Really Need a Tree Trimming Service?

If you’re not quite sure, it could be time to call the professionals at Wauson Tree Service who can give you a free quote. We’ll analyze the health of your trees, the condition of your landscape, and give our professional opinion about whether our services can benefit your property. Remember, our estimate is free with no obligation. Give us a call at 214-450-8720 or you can email at