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About Tree Pruning During the Fall

Thursday, November 5, 2015 @ 12:11 AM  posted by admin

You have to wonder what it is about the autumn that makes people want to get out in the yard and prune trees. As such, there’s a lot of raking and mulching going on. Before you start hacking your trees and bushes, step back and consider the following tips.

As you may have heard over and over, “Pruning is good for a tree’s overall health.” Yes, it can improve a tree’s flowering and structure, however pruning is a cut and can harm a tree or bush if it isn’t properly done. This is why professionals who live and breathe the business should always handle the task.

    1. Be careful of pruning in the fall even though falling leaves have exposed every imperfection imaginable in your trees and bushes. Fall pruning can actually stimulate growth and that’s a bad thing during this special time of year. You see trees, and some plants, are actually trying to go dormant and interrupting their cycle can weaken them severely. A professional arborist knows this and can make the right adjustments if pruning is absolutely necessary during fall.

    2. Pruning, when done correctly, can help the flowers and trees on your property produce more fruit or flowers; and that’s always a good thing. Correctly pruned trees and shrubs allow trees and plants to turn their backs on disease. Late winter or early spring is the time to give your trees and plants a haircut. If you’ve got that urge to prune during the fall, fight it.

    3. We’re betting that 99% of the people didn’t know that pruning trees when it’s damp can spread disease faster. Microbes love wet weather conditions. Professional arborists love working when the sun is out. If your tree trimmer arrives in wet weather, well, close the door and wave goodbye through the window. Dry and sunny weather kills molds and bacteria.

Your professional tree pruner knows that pruning allows sunlight and air to filter through trees and shrubs—keeping them healthy. They’ll remove dead or dying branches first and they know how to handle branches that rub against each other and that grow vertically. Arborists know what to cut, and when to cut it. They know trees and which ones can be pruned from winter until the sap starts flowing again. Birches, dogwoods, walnuts and elm trees prefer summer pruning.

Arborists also know the importance of keeping tools clean. They thoroughly clean their tools when moving from one tree to the next, or before starting a new job. Dirty tree-trimming tools are an easy way to spread disease.

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