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5 Reasons You Should Remove a Dead Tree

Monday, December 7, 2015 @ 08:12 PM  posted by admin

The trees on your property can increase its value or take away from its value. Trees provide shelter for animals, protect against the wind, provide shade, keep the soil intact, provide building material, and most importantly they provide life-sustaining oxygen.

If you have a dead or dying tree in your yard, or several, there are good reasons to have the trees removed. You should call an arborist who lives and breathes the tree.

    1. Dead or dying trees attract pests. Wildlife or pesky insects aren’t concerned if your trees are dead or dying. They’ll still build nests. A lovely family of blue birds may move in along with other tenants like termites and rats. Keep in mind that it’s only a short distance for them to migrate to your home for their nest in your trees.

    2. Dead trees are unattractive and can lower your property value. If you spend money on other things, like lawn maintenance, ugly trees will counteract those upgrades. They’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

    3. Disease from dead trees can easily spread to other healthy trees on your property. It’s very common for a powdery mildew to spread and develop on the branches and trunks of healthy trees. Leaves can easily lose their attractive and healthy green color and turn lime green or yellow.

    4. Dead or dying branches can easily fall and injure animals or humans. Falling branches can also damage property. When that happens, it’s time to call an arborist who’s skilled at removing dead trees and debris from properties. In high winds, dead trees are most likely to topple over. Keep in mind that if a pedestrian is injured, you could be held liable.

    A professional tree trimming company has the equipment and knowledge to safely remove the tree, and can safely grind tree stumps as well. We admire those weekend warriors who want to get out into the yard for a little exercise. However, fallen trees may be lodged against property or leaning on electrical wires. And dead trees in the ground may have roots that have grown around underground utility lines. It takes a pro to do the job properly or to call the right utility department for assistance.

    You can also rely on a professional tree trimming company to hire qualified and experienced arborists who know trees like the back of their hand. A professional company will also have the licenses and insurances that can help you rest easy. If a company technician is injured while on your property, the company’s insurances will handle it.

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