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Texas Summer Lawn Care Tips That Are Good for Trees as Well

Friday, June 3, 2016 @ 05:06 PM  posted by admin

For a majority of Texas residents, there’s no better way to kick off the summer than with a great family cookout or BBQ. There’s also nothing worse than having that cookout in a lawn that needs serious attention. The Texas heat is on the way. Your mission this year, and every year, is to make sure it doesn’t inflict too much damage on your yard.

    1. Watering. Watering your lawn is one of the most important elements in proper lawn care. The industry standard for lawn watering is roughly an inch of water per week. This applies whether it’s from rain or done manually. Make it a point to rise early. Get out in your lawn before the sun starts bearing down on the turf. Early morning watering gives water time to soak in and also avoids water loss. Most people don’t know that evening watering can actually damage grass because it can’t dry properly. The wetness could actually invite disease to settle into your grass. Keep informed of any watering restrictions as well.

    2. Mowing Your Lawn. Just like a good haircut, your lawn should be kept at a healthy length to keep it free of stress. During summer months, allowing your grass to grow taller is good for deeper root growth. However, removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade at one time can damage your grass. Cut your lawn with sharp blades.

    3. Fertilization. While May is the perfect time to start your lawn care, it’s not too late in June. Aeration and fertilization are important. If fertilizing, you have to be careful and use chemicals early on; at least a month before summer sets in. The alternative to chemical fertilizers is organic fertilizers. Ask a lawn care expert about their recommendations.

    4. Insect and Pest Control. During summer, those pesky pests and insects are happy to pay you a visit. Beetles and other insects lay eggs in grass during early parts of the summer. Their eggs can hatch in the middle of summer and feast on your lawn. If your lawn is dry and stressed, pests are more likely to take up habitat. Caterpillars, fleas, fire ants, grubs, mosquitos, spider mites, snails, and slugs are just a few of the insects looking for a home in your lawn.

Proper watering, mowing, stump removal, attention to root barriers, lot cleaning, and storm damage cleanup are just a few of the things you can do to keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy, not just during the summer, but for any season of year. At Wauson Tree Services, we love educating residents and commercial businesses about the merits of keeping a beautiful lawn.

We’ve learned a thing or two about lawns and trees because we’ve been at it for over 50 years. While totally knowledgeable about your lawn, we’re also experts at tree care. Your trees have much to do with your lawn’s health and beauty as well. We’re happy to give you a free quote. And our pricing is competitive too. We’re insured and licensed. This way you know that when we’re on your property we’ll treat it as if it were our own.

Most importantly, we’re certified arborists though the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). For trees, we offer pruning, stump removal, cabling, bracing, and fertilization services. It’s time for you to let the professionals handle the heavy lifting. It’s your job to enjoy the summer in a beautiful yard with friends and family. Give us a call today at 214.450.8720 to learn more about our services. Email at