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Professional Stump Removal at Its Best

Friday, September 9, 2016 @ 02:09 PM  posted by admin

Stump removal is no easy task. Even the experts have to approach the job with a sober mind and true purpose of heart. The experts will tell you the job is done quicker and easier with the right techniques, methods, tools, and state of mind.

  • One of the biggest reasons to remove a stump is that they are eyesores. They look completely out of place in a perfectly manicured lawn, or any lawn for that matter. When weeds start growing in and around them, they can take “looking worse” to a whole new level.
  • Stumps can also take up valuable lawn space. Not everyone has a wide, clear yard, but when they do stumps can easily change the landscape from attractive to not so attractive. Most notably, stumps are hazardous. Most are obvious, but some can be camouflaged by tall grass and weeds. That makes them perfect tripping hazards. What’s worse than stubbing, or breaking, your toe on an old tree stump?
  • Those worrisome stumps can also cause new tree growth. New sprouts will spring up and can result in a number of small trees that will grow around the stump. These smaller trees steal nutrients from other plants, grass, and flowers located near them.
  • When mowing the lawn, it becomes worrisome having to maneuver around stumps. So, you can plan on doing a little extra work each time you work in your yard.
  • Stumps are a favorite place for insects to dwell, too. Decaying trees usually take a long time to completely rot away. Dead and decaying stumps will attract ants, spiders, beetles, termites, and other critters. While they may seem okay out in the lawn as part of nature, they can make their way into your home. Then, you take on problems that can cost money to remedy.

Stump removal, as mentioned, can be a daunting task. Some stumps are easier to remove than others, and perhaps one can apply different techniques. Whatever the approach, it’s a job that’s best left to the experts. Expert stump removers are aware of each tree type and how its roots are likely to have navigated underground. For instance, pine tree roots are wide, flat, and somewhat shallow. Deciduous tree stump roots are typically long and deep. Their knowledge and experience can make all the difference in the world.

The experts can also judge by the age of a stump whether it will be a stickler to remove. Small stumps, obviously, tend to be easier to remove than larger ones. A home or property owner should also consider the number of stumps that need removing. Are there one, three, or fifty or more? Time, effort, and experience are all major considerations as well.

The job will involve one or more of the following:

  • Hand Digging – It’s easy enough to do, if the stump has small, shallow roots. Break out the shovel, grub hoe, or axe. A root saw can work as well. The roots will be exposed, and then can be severed with the appropriate tools.

  • Stump Grinder – The right machinery, with the right manpower behind it, can chew up stumps 6-12 inches below ground level. Experts will quickly go to work and remove all grindings to a compost pile. They get things done with safety in mind. A stump grinder is nothing to play with. If it gets out of control, it may cost you a foot or a leg.
  • Skidsteer/Backhoe – When you see these machines on the job, you know there is serious business at hand. Not only can the experts handle their equipment with ease and safety, they also arrive to haul the scrap wood away to a safe spot.
  • Chemical Removal – The experts may even decide to use chemicals, but this process usually takes time to take effect. They usually prefer to get the job done quickly with power tools.
  • Fire – Removing stumps with fire is not unheard of, but can be a tricky and dangerous thing to do if not done correctly. Of course, your expert arborist can offer timely advice on the subject.

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