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Best Tips for Trimming Texas Trees

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 @ 10:03 PM  posted by admin

To keep trees looking their best, they have to be pruned and well maintained during their lifetime. People are usually concerned, even confused, about the right time to prune them.

  • Crape Myrtles usually receive their most effective pruning between January and early March. They’re still dormant during these months. The goal is to get out in front of the season and prune before trees start sprouting new growth. However, pruning is more than just using the right tools. Technique matters big time. The tree’s branch collar should never be cut into.
  • Oak trees are known for developing deadly fungi caused by burrowing beetles. Oak wilt is most prevalent during spring. Prune and inspect trees during colder months to catch and correct damage issues. Wounded trees, depending on the nature of the wound, can be painted with wound dressing or latex paint. The right maintenance and prevention are critical for maintaining the health of trees.

Hire a Professional

Sometimes, keeping trees healthy is a bit beyond the average person’s pay grade. That’s when it’s time to find a professional arborist who knows tree care like the back of their hand. Both health and aesthetic appearance are important for safety as well as keeping property values at their best.
Tree professionals also know that tools have to be kept clean between jobs. It’s too easy to spread disease. The goal of an arborist is to protect trees, not harm them.

What does an arborist do?

  • They prune trees and can be counted on for the best in personal tree maintenance. They can also be counted on to bring the right tools and equipment to the task. Arborists can help determine if a tree is sick or damaged enough to be removed.
  • In some areas of the state weather can wreak havoc. Fallen trees and limbs present a danger to property, human, and animal life. Some trees fall on utility lines and on property structures. It takes a professional with the right equipment to handle these types of jobs.
  • Tree professionals are also experts at planting trees. They know how to plant the right tree in just the right place. The right soil and location can affect a tree’s overall health. Arborists can also lend a hand in planting and moving trees.

Arborists can also provide the following:

  • Expert testimony in cases involving injuries that are tree-related
  • Conduct timely appraisals for insurance claims and to determine property tree values
  • Provide expert information about tree preservation
  • Provide counseling and evaluation for homeowners about tree planting and removal

Additional arborist services include installing root barriers, offering advice on city code compliance, conducting deep root fertilization, storm damage cleanup, and lot clearing.

Root Barriers
The best time to install one is before planting trees. Their purpose is to keep a tree’s roots out of unwanted places. They come in a variety of types including plastic, metal, or nylon fabric.

City Code Compliance
Code compliance involves detection, prevention, and violation enforcement. This all applies to safety, public health concerns, public works, building standards, municipal concerns, and all manner of business activities.

Deep Root Fertilization
Deep fertilization is accomplished by sticking a pipe 12” at the most into the ground. Then, fertilizer is squirted under pressure to reach underground roots. This process is usually done by an arborist with the skills, knowledge, and equipment to get the job done correctly.

Storm Damage Cleanup
Storm damage can end up being devastating. The damage is not something that can be left lying around. If the damage is severe, it takes the expertise of a professional arborist to clean it up.

Lot Cleaning
When litter and obstructing objects create safety hazards, people can still be held accountable for damages caused. High winds, storms, flash floods, and other acts of nature can leave a lot of destruction in its wake. This is the time to call a professional arborist out that can handle the job.

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