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What to Know When Attempting to Prune Trees

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 @ 06:04 PM  posted by admin

Tree trimming is both an art and a profession. Trimming trees is necessary to make sure they remain healthy and free of disease. Trees are trimmed for safety, health, and aesthetic reasons for the most part.


Effective pruning enables a tree to maintain its appearance and shape. The experts know that it’s unwise to impose an unnatural shape on a tree. Too much pruning can cause permanent damage.


Trees, like people, need attention. Just as people schedule doctor checkups, trees need pruning to ward of infection and disease. The experts know how to thin the crown of a tree to help improve airflow. They can also easily identify and fix branches that rub together. What’s even more important is that experts understand trees species. They know what benefits each type and how each should be cared for.


Dead or broken branches can be a safety hazard for humans, animals, and properties. Broken and dead limbs can give way at any time. The experts, arborists, can make a determination if tree limbs are too close to power lines. They also have the tools and skills to remove any branches or limbs that obstruct utility lines.

Tips for Trimming and Pruning Trees

People enjoy getting out in their yard and working for exercise. One has to be fit to do a commendable job. One also has to know a thing or two about tree trimming to do an effective job. Sometimes the job is a little beyond the average person’s pay grade.

  • Learn as much about trees as you can. They should only be pruned during their dormant season. Their dormant season is when growth and development are temporarily stopped. However, if there is a tree hazard concern, the tree should be pruned immediately.
  • Branch size matters. Branches or limbs from 5-10 centimeters in width are okay to remove. Any branches greater than 10 centimeters in width should be removed by an expert. Anything less than five centimeters should be left alone.
  • The experts know that only branches with V-shape, weak, narrow angles should be removed. Branches with strong U-shaped angles should not be tampered with. Branches that extend laterally also have rules for removing or retaining.
  • It’s also best to try and prune branches away when they’re young. Youth makes them much easier to manage. Also, you’ll lessen the danger of leaving permanent scars.

Thinning the Crown

There’s a good reason for letting an expert arborist handle tree thinning. They do it for a living and arrive with years of experience. They know to keep lateral branches evenly spaced. They’ll also look for branches that cross other branches. They’re aware that no more than one-fourth of a tree’s crown should ever be removed.

Safe Tree Pruning

Before making any cuts, it’s always best to locate the branch collar and the branch ridge. The experts know to cut outside the branch ridge. They’ll make sure their cut is angled down and away from the stem. The experts also have a technique for cutting stem branches that are too long. The reality is that expert arborists can save you a lot of time and money. They may also be a deterrent from you hurting yourself. It’s easy to fall off a ladder.

What Does an Arborist Do?

Arborists are trained in the art and science of caring for trees. They have a distinct knowledge beyond that of a lay person. They’re trained and well equipped to get the tough jobs done. They’re skilled in removing stumps, replanting, and cabling trees as well. They can also advise on how to approach underground root removal. They’re also skilled at helping clear properties of tree debris after a storm.

At Wauson Tree Service, we hire only the best arborists to service your tree care needs. They have years of experience. We’ll also make sure that we give you the fairest price possible since we don’t outsource our services.

Our Services

You can rest assured that we’re licensed and insured. Our arborists are certified through the International Society of Arboriculture, which means that we stick to ISA standards. We’re experts at pruning, stump removal, cabling, fertilization, and tree bracing.

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