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Tools That Arborists Use to Get the Job Done

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 @ 11:05 AM  posted by admin

Arborists have important jobs. Like every professional, they have specific tools that allow them to get the job done. These professionals train in planting, caring for, and maintaining trees. They know a lot about tree care. Along with their vast array of knowledge, they have some nifty tools to work with. Each arborist has the freedom of their own choice of tools.

1. Rope Wrench. This one tool has completely changed the way arborists climb. They are a lot safer in trees when using the rope wrench. There’s a lot more consistent friction on the hitch. It may be an unknown tool to the layperson, but it makes an arborist’s job a lot easier.

2. Throwball/Storage. This prevents the climber from having to repeatedly advance their climbing line. This saves time, effort, and energy. It also reduces the number of things that can go wrong when climbing. Arborists can work from the ground up without having to first establish their tie point at the top of the tree.

3. Stihl MS200 Chainsaw. The chainsaws used by the arborist may vary, but the MS200 gets the heavy lifting done so to speak. The goal of any arborist is to make sure all their tools are as effective as possible. The MS200 has a power to weight ratio that many believe is unmated in the industry by any other chainsaw.

4. Safety Items. These include helmet, gloves, hearing protection, eye protection, and chainsaw protective covering. You can throw a safety mindset in the mix. Arborists are aware of overhead power and gas lines. They know who to call out for an inspection before they begin work.

5. Work Harness. A comfortable and safe harness can make all the difference in the world. The best ones are light and durable. They also provide solid back support, gear loops, leg loops, and a sturdy rope bridge. A safe and sturdy harness allows climbers to work with speed and confidence.

6. Handsaw & Pruning Shears. An arborist would be remiss to leave a universal handsaw and pruning shears off the list. Universal handsaws can also be used for pruning and removal of smaller trees. They’re also handy and lightweight to carry around.

7. Saws & Pruners. Saws and pruners are among the top choices for overall dependability. The right tools can help you work the way you want. As mentioned, each arborist has unique abilities. It stands to reason their tools will be unique as well.

What arborist do is often beyond the pay grade of most people.
However, there are always those sturdy souls who like to tackle yard care and maintenance on the weekends. So, whether a professional or an amateur, you’ll still the need the right tools to get the job done safely and effectively. If you find yourself in a jam, call the professionals at Wauson Tree Service.

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