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3 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Arborist

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 @ 05:12 PM  posted by admin

What’s an arborist?  An arborist is a professional who is well trained in the art and science of caring for, planting and maintaining trees. And it makes perfect sense to hire someone who understands the true value of your trees, because healthy trees can add to the value of your property while unhealthy trees cannot.

For property owners, it’s important to know when to call on the services of a professional arborist. While there are numerous reasons to seek the professional tree care services, the following are three good reasons to hire a professional arborist to protect the trees on your property.

The Need for Pruning

It takes the knowledge of an arborist to know the best times of year, and the best methods of pruning for each type of tree on your property. Going it alone can quite often prove to be dangerous, time consuming and expensive. A professional arborist also knows how to safely use the pruning tools and equipment of the trade.

The Need for Tree or Stump Removal

Removing a tree should be a last resort, but if necessary, a professional arborist has the skills and equipment to grind stumps or completely remove trees. He or she can also recommend when and where replacement trees, if any, need to be planted.

Tree Care During Emergencies

Major damage to trees is often the result of storms. Not only limbs, but entire trees are damaged by heavy rains and high winds. The damage on your property can also spread to other properties if not addressed in a timely manner. Clearing a property of deadwood is dangerous and hard work. An arborist can get the job done safely and in a timely manner.

Tree Planting

It’s hard to know when to plant a tree, and even harder to know where to plant it. Finding the right location to plant a tree is good for the tree’s long-term health. Will the tree have access to proper sunlight? Is the desired location free of utility lines or underground cables? Will the tree be far enough away from the house to ensure there is no root damage to your property years later when it reaches its maturity in growth?

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