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August Pruning Tips for the Brave at Heart

Friday, August 24, 2012 @ 11:08 AM  posted by admin

It’s great that you’ve decided to take the time to prune those precious trees on your property. Pruning can be totally beneficial to trees. Besides, it’s great to get outside and soak up some sun and a little fresh air in the process.  For a successful mission, you’ll need the right tools. Keep the following safety tips in mind.

  • August through the winter season could be an excellent time to prune most trees – The tree’s structure is easier to see and access.  Depending on the weather, it could be a great opportunity on any given day to take in some vitamin E.
  • No matter what the time of year or size of the job, pruning trees can be a dangerous undertaking. And pruning tools and utility wires are rarely a good mix. If there are wires present, call the professionals at Wauson Tree Service who can get the job done quickly and safely.
  • Falling branches can be deadly.  You’re vulnerable when trying to prune and balance yourself on a ladder. A falling branch can injure you or damage a vehicle or property. And the last thing you want to experience is a fall with a sharp pruning tool in your hand. A power tool can cut through clothing just as easily as it can cut through wood.
  • Hand pruners can be used to remove small, broken or damaged branches. You’ll find competing branches to contend with on occasion as well.  Competing branches compete for the same growing space. Bypass pruners are known to make the cleanest cut for this task.
  • Consider using a pruning saw if you need to cut branches larger than an inch and one half. These saws area also great for cutting branches that are three or four inches in diameter. You may need to upgrade to a folding or straight saw for best results.

The truth is there’s a lot to pruning, not to mention the costs that can skyrocket and all the elements that can place your safety at risk. It takes an expert to know when and how the trees on your property should be pruned. At Wauson Tree Service, we can remove the mystery and headaches. We’ll give you a free estimate and provide a service backed by over 50 years of professional tree-care experience.

Our team members are professional arborists who can get the job done right—the first time around. Taking on a tree-pruning project can be great exercise, but don’t place your safety and well-being at risk. Call Wauson Tree Service at 214-450-8720. Or email us at Walt [at] wausontreeservice {dot} com.




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