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Best Tree Care Practices to Consider for the Holiday Season

Saturday, December 17, 2011 @ 04:12 PM  posted by admin

No one will argue the benefit of trees and how they can enhance any environment. They give us shade, protect the soil from erosion, reduce air conditioning needs and generally tend to make us more aware of our surroundings. Most homeowners believe that mature, well-manicured trees have a strong impact on a home’s resale value.

Trees provide us with a number of amenities. To help and not harm them, there are several tree care tips you should consider:

  • Choose the right tree and location to plant. When transplanting, no amount of care or maintenance can protect it from the problems that can plague it over the years if it’s planted in the wrong location. Trees must be suited to their environment if they’re to experience long years of healthy growth.
  • Plant and expose tree root flare. Avoid planting trees too deep in the soil. Covered root flare can lead to short-term health and stunted tree development.
  • Never over water your trees. Homeowners often make the mistake of adding too much water to trees that appear to be struggling.
  • Avoid tree root damage. Give your trees plenty of room to grow and avoid planting too close to the surface or near solid underground fixtures. Try and minimize trenching or digging within the tree’s root zone.
  • Avoid tree topping. Main branches should never be cut to stub length. Tree topping can be a self-defeating process. Weak and ugly limbs will grow back weaker. If your treetops are close to or touching utility lines, call the experts who can provide a safe solution.
  • Always seek out professional pruning help. Expert pruning can help ensure healthy tree growth. Deadwood, limbs growing too close to roofs, driveways or walkways should be removed –– with expert care.

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The professional arborists at Wauson Tree Service wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season.

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