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Caring for Your Deciduous Plants and Trees During Winter

Thursday, December 27, 2012 @ 01:12 AM  posted by admin

In case you were wondering, deciduous plants have foliage that sheds annually at the end of each growing season. Winter can be an excellent time of year to prune deciduous plants and trees. It’s so much easier to see tree and plant structure without all the leaves attached. Winter pruning is healthier for plants too. During winter, your plants and trees are in a dormant state. Pruning during spring, when there’s a flush of newly forming leaves, can stunt tree and plant growth.

The Health of Your Trees and Plants

Trees and plants can be weak, sick or elderly. In one of more of these states, deciduous plants and trees may not be able to rebound and heal from deep pruning cuts. So be careful where you cut. If you notice a hazardous limb, remove it.  Otherwise, you can forgo pruning and treat your deciduous friends with a nice layer of compost. They’ll reward you with lush growth in the spring. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Schedule a cleanup for dead, diseased and cluttered branches. It’s easy to spot cluttered branches. They’ll grow at odd angles, grow inward toward the tree’s center, or brush too closely against other branches.
  • Never cut a branch flush to its trunk. Prune above the branch bark ridge and branch collar. Cutting a tree limb flush to the trunk compromises the tree’s ability to heal and fight off disease.
  • Use the right pruning tools for the job. Use a hand pruner for branches under 1/2″.  Use loppers to cut branches up to 1”.  A pruning hand saw be used for branches over 1/2”. But never use a carpenter’s saw.

There are a few additional rules that you might want to consider. First, remove diseased and dead branches.  This might sound like an obvious thing to do, but many people get hyped and will start pruning and cutting like there’s no tomorrow. Take a little time to prep. This makes it easier to prune with care.

Knowing how, when and where to prune your deciduous plants and trees can be a challenging task.  If you’re stumped (no pun intended) about how to tackle your winter pruning, don’t hesitate to call out the experts at Wauson Tree Service. We employ professional arborists who know your trees and plants like the back of their hand. They’ll offer suggestions that will help your plants and trees remain healthy and vibrant for years to come. And we’ll even give you a free quote.

At Wauson Tree Service, we’re confident in what we do because we’ve offered quality tree pruning services to residents in our community for over 50 years. For a free quote, call us today at 214-450- 8720. Or, email Walt {a} wausontreeservice {dot} com.

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