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Dallas City Code Compliance and Your Property

Thursday, October 7, 2010 @ 08:10 PM  posted by admin

A city’s code compliance policies, and certainly those of Dallas, are enacted for the benefit of everyone. Code compliance laws are enacted and enforced to make sure the level of public safety is enhanced and that the city benefits from the resulting aesthetic value.

Dallas’s City Code Compliance division is responsible for enforcing numerous ordinances related to zoning, housing, litter, weed control, parking and animal control.

The following is a partial list of areas that Dallas Code Compliance covers:

• Bulk trash
• Litter or high grass and weeds
• Obstructions
• Graffiti
• Junked motor vehicles on a property
• Substandard structures
• Open or vacant structures
• and more

As you can imagine, Dallas is kept quite busy enforcing its compliance codes. And for the property owner, life can become a challenge when litter and obstructions create unsafe conditions. While a property owner can’t control Mother Nature, he or she is still responsible for any damage caused. Storms, high winds and flash floods can leave a lot of damage in the wake. When this happens, the search for a reputable lot clearing service begins.

We understand the frustrations and challenges people go through when emergencies arise. But those are the times when a cool mind and reason should take over. While many people choose to go it alone and attempt to clear their properties based on an assumption of what they believe the city’s code compliance laws to be, others choose to call expert arborists who have a great deal of experience in offering tree and lot clearing services with respect to those laws.

Wauson Tree Services is familiar with Dallas’s city code compliance laws, and can inform you of the lot clearing services we provide and
what it will cost to restore your property back to it’s original splendor. And we’ll let you know if there’s a service you need that’s beyond the range of services we provide. For over 50 years we’ve been in the business of offering lot clearing services to Dallas residents. We’re also experts who can provide tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal and stump grinding services.

Keeping your property safe and beautiful is an ongoing project. And we know implementing a property maintenance schedule that enhances the health of your trees and shrubbery is a sound investment that adds value to your property.

Do you have questions about Dallas’s code compliance and how it affects your property? If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate at 214-450-8720, or email us at walt [at] wausontreeservice [dot] com.


Should You Contract for Tree Services?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 @ 08:09 PM  posted by admin


Trees planted aren’t just for today; they’re also for the future. Trees need maintenance, but proper maintenance. You just can’t plant trees and let them go. A decision to contract for tree services is one of the best ways to insure the trees on your property will maintain a long and healthy life.

It takes a professional arborist, someone completely knowledgeable, trained and specially equipped, to know what it takes to maintain the trees on a property. These folks understand the essential value of trees, which provide numerous aesthetic, social, environmental, and economical benefits.

Healthy trees can help provide the following:

• An increase in property value–– Trees that are well cared for can actually add value to a property by 5-20%.
• Reduction of cooling costs–– Trees provide free shade and can help to significantly reduce the cost of keeping your property cool during summer months.
• Inexpensive climate control–– Healthy trees can help moderate the effects of the sun, rain, and wind.
• Air filtration–– You may not be aware of it, but the trees on your property are constantly absorbing harmful gases in the air and filtering other airborne pollutants.
• Needed privacy–– Everyone needs privacy along with the beautiful scenery that trees can provide.

As you can see, contracting for tree services is a solid investment that can keep your property looking good and your trees healthy for years to come.

However, contracting for a tree service should be a careful process. The best companies will be bonded along with the proper licenses and insurance. The arborists who service your property should also be properly trained. Even then, your job is to follow-up to make sure they’re legitimate.

Wauson Tree Service has been in business for over 50 years, serving the residents of Dallas and surrounding areas with distinction. We do it all; tree trimming, stump removal, tree pruning, tree removal, and much more. We’ll also give you a free estimate on what tree services we think would benefit your property.

Looking to contract for a dependable tree service? Give us a call today at 214-450-8720 or email us at walt {at} waustontreeservice {dot} com.


Storm Damage Cleanup Services in Dallas

Thursday, June 3, 2010 @ 01:06 PM  posted by admin

Storms can do a lot of damage to a property. While no one can ever predict the impact a storm will have, it’s the cleanup and dealing with the aftermath that becomes the real challenge. The answer is a storm cleanup plan that can help restore the landscape architecture back to its original beauty.

Of course not all storms will leave a property seriously damaged, but generally speaking, a storm strong enough to uproot trees or one approaching hurricane level will usually leave a ton of debris in its wake. Much of the damage by a storm is caused by falling trees and limbs that can bring down power lines. Fifty to 60 mph winds can take a heavy toll on the system, often requiring equipment and people who have the experience to handle emergency situations.

It’s natural after a storm for people to rush to clean up their property. Just keep in mind the typical injuries that can follow, which are often the result of people falling off roofs and ladders while attempting repairs. And then there are the potential dangers of people seriously hurting themselves with chainsaws or saws as they try to clear away fallen trees and limbs, debris and broken objects. Stress and overextending one’s self with physical labor can also lead to personal injury.

The truth is, there are a lot of things that can happen in the aftermath of a serious storm, but the one thing that can be counted on is the timely advice of professionals who are experienced with storm damage cleanup in Dallas.

The professionals at Wauson Tree Service can give you a free estimate and advise what storm damages fall within our service parameters. Having been in the business for over fifty years, we’ve seen a lot of storms come and go. And this means we can help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Why stress? Give us a call today at 214-450-8720, or you can email me at Walt [at] wausontreeservice [dot] com.