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A Day-In-The-Life of a Dallas Arborist

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 @ 11:05 AM  posted by admin

Ever wonder what a day-in-the life of a Dallas arborist is like? First, an arborist is that a professional who safely oversees the management of trees. You can find them employed anywhere in the world, from professional tree care services to universities, hospitals and corporate grounds.

Diagnostic Prevention

Arborists are the unsung heroes who diagnose and treat the diseases and bacteria that affect and kill trees and plants. They’re educated folks and are required to have a degree in their field. There are ailments, if not diagnosed and properly treated, that could potentially wipe out entire forests and landscapes.

Damage Control

Arborists are big on the prevention of tree diseases and other maladies waiting in the wings. When assessing your property needs, they’re able to make the decision whether your property needs tree pruning, pesticide applications, pet control, cabling, tree removal or general landscaping.

Cosmetic Enhancement

If a certified arborist is working on your property, be sure and give him or her plenty of room to maneuver too. Cosmetic maintenance and design are a big showstopper in their bag of tricks. They’re able to plan and chart strategically for tree planting, tree removal, trimming trees and keeping track of all the plants on your property. They can do it all.

Tree Repair

No one really thinks in terms of trees needing to be “repaired.” The truth is humans or natural occurrences from nature, such as wind or rain, damage trees on a regular basis. Even something as seemingly trivial as a missing piece of bark can end up allowing harmful bacteria or molds to gain entrance to the tree’s system.

The job of an arborist can be a bit challenging and difficult at times too. He or she must be physically capable to climb trees, and operate heavy machinery and potentially dangerous equipment.

Just think! All of this just to make sure your property gets the A-1 attention it deserves when an arborist pays you a visit.

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