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Dallas Lot Clearing Services

Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 08:03 PM  posted by admin

There are a “lot” of reasons you might want a lot cleared or cleaned up. Maybe you’ve bought an empty lot that has some trees that need to be cleared. Perhaps you’ve got an old house you’ve demolished, but there are some old tree stumps or dead trees that need to be removed, and the prospect of trying to clear a lot all by yourself is just too daunting…whatever the case, it’s probably best, in the long run, to leave clearing a lot to a professional lot clearing expert.

If you’ve already called a few tree removal service companies and were surprised to hear they don’t do lot clearing, you’re not alone—and neither are they.

Most tree removal or tree pruning service providers won’t deal with underbrush and other foliage you’re likely to encounter while attempting to clear a lot and make it suitable for building or other purposes. Lot clearing can be a big job because many tree root systems can interfere with your foundation plans and underbrush can be difficult to remove by hand.

We have almost half a century of tree pruning, tree or stump removal, and other tree-related service experience under our belt, along with root barrier experience and deep fertilization. We also have experience in clearing lots to make them suitable for whatever your needs might be.

Fill out the form to the right for a free quote, give me a call at 214-450-8720, or email me at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com today.

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