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Dallas Has its Share of Harmful Tree Hazards

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 @ 12:05 PM  posted by admin

No doubt, trees offer an entire array of benefits for residences, businesses and cities across the country. However, when trees fall in Dallas, just like every other place under the sun, they can potentially harm both property and residents.

Trees are an integral part of our world, offering a wide range of benefits that impacts the environment at every stage. When a tree or part of a tree falls the situation can often end up being “hazardous.” Then, it’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure his or her property is safe. Evaluating the seriousness of a hazardous tree situation is best done by professional arborists. Once a hazardous situation is identified, steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of anyone being injured.

Be on the lookout for these potential tree hazards:

• Large dead branches on the tree
• Large dead branches hanging from the tree
• Cavities of rotten wood within the tree trunk or in various branches
• Fallen branches on the ground
• A leaning tree
• Branches clustered from one point on a tree trunk
• Premature coloring of leaves
• A heavily pruned and topped tree

If you think you have any of the above conditions, a qualified arborist can help you manage a potentially hazardous situation and suggest some viable solutions such as removing potential targets out of the way, removing defective branches, bracing the tree with support cables, removing the tree or providing needed care.

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