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Great Tips for Pruning Trees and Shrubs in the Dallas Area

Thursday, May 30, 2013 @ 02:05 PM  posted by admin

As anyone knows, pruning has the ability to alter the growth and form of any tree. You might even consider pruning as a form of preventive maintenance. If you’re a weekend pruner, or even an expert, numerous tree and shrub problems can be prevented if you know how to prune correctly.

Top Reasons for Pruning 

  •  One of the most important reasons to prune is for the health of your trees and shrubs. Just think of pruning as a major way to promote tree and plant health. Pruning can accomplish the following:
  • Removal of dying or dead branches – Branches can be dead or damaged as a result of things like disease, insect infestation, animal interference or mechanical damage caused by humans.
  • Removal of branches that are rubbing together – Rubbing branches can be harmful to trees for several reasons: a tree’s natural shape can be altered and weak branches are encouraged to develop. Rubbing branches can also promote suckering.
  • Encouragement of fruit and flower development – Pruning dead or diseased branches allows the rest of the tree to absorb greater nourishment.
  • Enhancement of bush or tree appearance – Landscape appearance is quite essential to a bush or tree’s usefulness. Plant and shrub sizes can be controlled and structures can be removed that take away from the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Protection of property and people – Trees can be hazardous to your health if they’re damaged or diseased. Rain, wind or snow can cause branches to weaken and break. If someone is injured while on your property, you could be held liable. Trees can block walkways, street signs and parking areas. They may have to be removed by professionals. Branches that interfere with street lights and traffic signals should be removed by your local city or county departments.

Start Pruning at the Time of Planting

As you know, pruning can be one of the best forms of preventive maintenance young trees and plants can receive. When pruned at an early age, young trees and plants can develop sturdy structures. If you wait too long to prune, it may be a challenge to remove larger branches or thick brush growth. And worse, your trees may actually become deformed from neglect.  While pruning shrubs may not be as critical or required as much work as pruning trees, the same principles of pruning can be used.

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