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Top Notch Lot Clearing Services in Dallas

Friday, June 18, 2010 @ 02:06 PM  posted by admin

Keeping your lot clear and clean of debris is the smart thing to do, especially if your property is adjacent to a neighbor’s. In addition to the ‘appealing’ factor, a clean lot discourages rodents from taking up residence. People quite often overlook the fact that a cleared lot may be a requirement of the development or area of the city in which you live. And most importantly, the local laws that promote clean-up have children in mind.

Dallas vacation time and weekends shouldn’t have to be spent clearing and cleaning lots either. Wauson Tree Service can give you a free quote of what it will take to remove unwanted trees or shrub growth. All you have to do is give us an idea of the extent you want the property cleared, and we’ll do the rest. Items such as trash, old appliances, tires, or things non-green may require an alternate solution for removal.

There may be countless reason why you need to have your lot cleared of debris. The purchase of an empty home, depending on the vacancy period, will usually have trees that need attending. Demolishing a home can leave unwanted dead trees or old tree stumps in the wake. For most people, clearing these kinds of lots is just too much of a daunting task to undertake without the help of a professional service.

The truth is, most tree removal companies don’t offer lot clearing services. They refuse to deal with the underbrush and other foliage likely to be found when cleaning up a lot to make it suitable for residency and other purposes. Tree root systems will often prove too difficult to remove by hand too. And pesty roots can wreak havoc with
your foundation plans.

Our professional arborists have a ton of experience in determining the lot clearing services needed for commercial, residential and private properties. We’ll help unclutter your property so that you can see what you have under the brush thickets. Regardless of how thick your trees or brush are, we have the equipment and skills necessary to grind our way onto your property.

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone if in need of professional lot clearing services. We’re the tree experts that can provide services for trees, damage from a storm, trimming/pruning, tree removal, stump grinding and lot clearing. And, we’re licensed and insured with years of experience.

Give us a call today for a free estimate at 214-450-8720, or you can email me at Walt at [at] wausontreeservice [dot] com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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