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Stump Grinding in Dallas – Wauson Tree Service

Friday, July 30, 2010 @ 03:07 PM  posted by admin

If you’re presently contemplating having a tree cut down or a stump removed, there are sure to be a lot of questions you’ll need to have answered. For instance, can a stump be dug out using a shovel or pick? Is it possible to rent a stump grinder?

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning stump grinding.

What exactly is stump grinding?

Once the visible portion of a tree has been removed, there is usually a portion left sticking out of the ground. Stump grinding is the mechanical process that grinds the remainder into much smaller particles.

What types of machines are used in the process?

While there are many types of machines that can be used, a Wauson Tree Service specialist can advise on the best methods and best tools to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible.

Can I save time and money by doing the job myself?

Going it alone is not advised. Renting stump grinder machinery can be expensive and there’s a possibility the teeth on the equipment may be dull, due to a lack of upkeep and proper maintenance. There’s also the possibility of a person inflicting self-injury. It’s best to let the professionals tackle the job of stump grinding.

Will the stump be completely removed?

You can expect to have the entire stump removed as long as there are no gas, electrical, water or cable lines.

Will the stump grow back after being removed?

No, by removing the core resources of a stump, it will lack the means to grow back.

What is the cost of having a stump removed?

A representative from Wauson Tree Service will be happy to come out and give a free estimate of the cost and advise about needed services.

Is there more than one method for stump removal?

Yes, there are other methods besides grinding for removing stumps, such as the use of chemicals. The downside of chemicals is they are usually slow-acting and may contaminate the soil around the tree’s stump. If the contamination spreads, it can prevent the growth of other trees being planted in the future.

Should I go ahead and try to dig the stump out by hand?

It’s possible to dig out a small stump, but a larger stump usually requires professional services.

Does your company service the Dallas area?

We sure do! And we’d be happy to stop by and give a free estimate at no cost to you whatsoever. We’ve been in the business for over 50 years, and we know just about every trick in the book for getting the job done quickly and effectively.

Give us a call today at 214-450-8720 to receive a free quote, or email us at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com

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