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Stump Removal in the Dallas Area

Friday, April 9, 2010 @ 04:04 AM  posted by admin

If you’ve successfully – and safely – cut down a tree yourself, or had someone else to do it, or if you have one or more tree stumps in your yard and are looking at stump removal, your best bet is to go with a professional tree service company that has tree grinders to handle the tedious job of properly removing the stump.

Gone are the days of using dynamite to blow tree stumps out of the ground… The truth is that method is not only EXTREMELY dangerous, but not all that effective. Still, some guys – outside the city – employ this “old school” method today.

Next to dynamite, many old timers still use the messy, troublesome method of digging the soil from around the stump and then hacking and cutting at the tree roots until they think they can yank it out using a tractor or a pickup truck and a chain. None of these are viable tree or stump removal techniques in today’s world.

At Wauson Tree Service, we use the preferred mode for effective stump removal, and that’s the use of stump grinders. We use three different types of stump grinders, leaving virtually no mess. We can get in the tightest of spots, and we’ve been providing the best – and usually the most affordable – tree service in Dallas for going on 50 years now.

Contact us for a free quote. Just fill out the form to the right, give me a call 214-450-8720, or email me at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com to get your free quote today.

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