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The Hidden Benefits of Trees

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 @ 03:01 PM  posted by admin

Most people don’t think about it, but trees have hidden benefits that can make life a lot more pleasurable in numerous ways. In the presence of trees, we often feel a sense of peace and serenity.  Even hospital patients are known to recover more quickly when their hospital rooms have a view of trees on or near the property. And the strong ties between people and trees is evidenced by the efforts of community residents who labor for the preservation of trees. These are just a few of the social benefits that trees give us.

Communal Benefits of Trees

There are a number of communal benefits as well. Their sheer size makes them an integral part of communities and neighborhoods. And with scheduled maintenance and care, trees can enhance a property while posing no threat on the rights of persons. Providing privacy, trees also complement many engineering and architectural functions of city, county and state municipalities.

Environmental Benefits of Trees

The environmental benefits that trees provide is enormous. Trees help to moderate climate by helping to control the effects of wind, snow and rain.  In the summer, trees provide shade from the radiance of the sun. During winter, we’re naturally inclined to enjoy the warmth of the sun’s energy when trees are bare of leaves.

The quality of our air is vastly improved when trees, shrubbery and grass are healthy. Trees absorb the carbons, ozone and sulfur dioxides, and give back to the world life-sustaining oxygen. Trees are also helpful in absorbing runoff and reduce the effects of flooding in many cases. Planting trees and shrubbery gives a property a more natural look, attracting wildlife, which restores a natural harmony to both urban and suburban environments.
Economic Benefits of Trees

Few will argue that trees have economic benefits, though these benefits might be hard to pin down. There are a number of direct benefits associated with trees, which include the reduction of heating bills in the winter and air conditioning bills in the winter. Trees can also be beneficial in increasing the value of a home or commercial property. If you’d like to know more about the benefits and value that the trees and shrubs on your property offer, why not contact the professionals at Wauson Tree Service today for a free estimate. We can be reached at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com, or by telephone at 214-450-8720.

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