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Dependable Tree Trimming Services in Dallas

Friday, May 7, 2010 @ 10:05 PM  posted by admin

Very seldom do people link the value of tree trimming services with the reduction of wildlife problems. The truth is tree limbs hanging over your home can give wildlife critters easy access to your roof top, attic and much more. Getting an animal off the roof is no easy task. Depending on the animal and its size, you may be forced to call a local Dallas animal control or wild life control service.

Timely visits by trained professionals, like those at Wauson Tree Service, can protect your property or home from the damage of falling limbs during heavy rains or violent wind storms.

Tree trimming, also known as tree cutting or tree pruning in some circles, provides some great benefits for home owners and property owners.

Tree Safety Benefits

Falling limbs, in addition to rooftops, can often end up resting on utility lines creating a potentially serious hazard to life and property. Moss and fungi from a tree, if left unattended, can find its way onto a rooftop and damage it over time. And roof repair is one thing that can lighten a wallet in a hurry.

Tree Health Benefits

Tree trimming can help stimulate a tree’s growth and heal damaged areas too. Quite often, removing dead, diseased, or insect-infested tree limbs can make for a healthier tree and encourage increased fruit production.

Tree Appearance Benefits

Healthy trees can increase the beauty of any property. And this means the value of your property can increase along with its beauty.

The truth is trees are a precious gift to future generations. At Wauson Tree Service, we like to think that professional tree trimming services and care of your trees today can yield you some pretty good returns tomorrow and for years to come.

We’re easy! Why not contact us today for a free quote, or call me at 214-450-8720. Or you can even email me at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com for more information.

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