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Understanding the True Value of Your Trees

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 @ 04:12 PM  posted by admin

Harsh weather condition can take a toll on trees. For many people, each year ushers in the challenges and benefits of a four-season cycle. During spring and summer, trees will naturally have access to more water. During autumn and winter, property owners have a tendency to assume that trees and shrubbery advance into a dormancy stage; requiring less water to survive.

Very people will argue the fact that trees and other living plants have meaning and value. Because of their presence, the air is cleansed, energy is saved through the cooling shade in summer, and the potential damages of winter’s seasonal winds can be greatly reduced.

The Dollar Value of Trees

Plants and trees actually have a dollar value of their own that can be measured in appraisal terms. Tree professionals, such as those at Wauson Tree Service can be of service in helping you develop guidelines for the valuation of the trees on your property. They can help you plan, develop and install trees on your property that will be worth more to you in the long run. These guidelines can be recognized by insurance companies, the court system, and in some cases by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when property damages occur.

Top 8 Reasons Trees Are Valued

1.Trees help keep the soil clean.  Trees can actually store some harmful pollutants or change the chemical makeup of others. They also benefit property owners by minimizing the effects of animal waste.

2. Trees help to control noise pollution. Noise pollution can be an irritant, and actually harmful to residents.  Well placed foliage and trees can help reduce unwanted and harmful noise pollution.

3.  Trees help to slow water runoff.  Either planted with purpose or growing wild, some trees have the capability of intercepting upwards of 1000 gallons of runoff water annually in places where flash flooding occurs.

4. Trees trap carbon elements. Carbon build up in the atmosphere is a global warming suspect. Trees are able to store carbon in their roots, leaves and wood. This locking process helps to store carbon in the form of wood, and not as a “greenhouse” gas.

5. Trees provide shade and cool. The shade and cool trees provide during warm summer months is a benefit that helps reduce energy bills. Highly shaded areas in cities can literally be 12 degrees cooler in areas that are less populated with shady trees.

6. Trees make great windbreakers. It’s usually during the wet and cold seasons that high winds present a problem for home and property owners. Some people realize heating bill savings of 30 percent or more. Trees serving as windbreakers can also have a significant effect on snow drift reduction.

7. Trees help fight soil erosion. Trees help fight erosion through their roots, which cling to the soil. Rainwater is also conserved in this same manner.

8. Trees help to increase the value of property real estate. When trees are properly cared for and manicured, a property’s value can increase by 15 percent or more in some cases.

Interested in learning more about your property and its tree care needs? Contact us for a free estimate today at walt {at} wausontreeservice {dot} com. Or call me at 214-450-8720.

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