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Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Believe it or not, tree pruning isn’t something “just anybody” can or should attempt…unless you just don’t care about trees!  Trees are living things, and they actually respond to how they’re pruned—sometimes favorably…sometimes negatively.  Tree pruning is best performed by or at least overseen by a Certified Arborist who understands the proper ways to prune different kinds of trees.  Tree pruning can be taken care of any time of year, and consists of four basic actions:

Crown Thinning – Removal of dead, dying, diseased or weakly attached branches.  This also includes selective removal of branches to allow for greater passage of sunlight, air movement, and to reduce weight stress on the tree.  Crown thinning also entails removing limbs that rub together or against other trees or objects.

Crown Raising – Removing lower branches to a specified height.

Crown Reduction – Better for a tree than “topping” it, crown reduction involves removing the longest portion of a limb back to a lateral, as a way of lessening the top or sides of the crown.

Cabling – Cabling serves to limit movement of heavy limbs that could ultimately reach their breaking point.  Cabling seeks to prolong the life of the tree.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s necessary to remove a tree.  There are a number of reasons tree removal could be required. From disease or decay to weak and/or split boughs or other portions of the tree, or if you have trees that are causing foundation damage or some other part of your house or structures of any variety…or when trees come dangerously close to falling—especially older, larger trees—there’s no sense postponing tree removal as directed by a tree service expert such as a Certified Arborist.  Such an expert can confidently assess the health of problem trees and determine your best course of action.  Wauson Tree Service uses the very best in equipment to ensure the utmost safety to your property as well as our own crew members, putting your mind at ease. AS A GENERAL NOTE: only insured professionals should be permitted to even attempt potentially dangerous tree removal.

Stump Removal

Stump removal, it seems, is one of those services that will always be needed in Texas!  In the “old days” you’d see guys trying to dig down to pull the stumps out of the ground with tractors, pickup trucks, horses…you name it! Stump removal, to be sure, is not a small undertaking.  At Wauson, we use the most efficient—and safest—tools invented for removing tree stumps; we use lightweight, highly effective stump grinders.  Lightweight design is important so as to not leave track gouges in your yard.  Our stump removal grinders can be easily maneuvered around swimming pools, flowerbeds, driveways, etc…even into a backyard without having to take down your fence.  We can grind stumps down to 6 to 8 inches below ground level so you can plant grass or gardens on top, or we can even perform deep grinding in case you’d like to plant another tree. Click the button that says “Get a Free Quote” right now and have one of our Certified Arborists come to your home for and help you decide what’s the best way to go for your needs.

Other services include:

Root Barriers
City Code Compliance
Deep Root Fertilization
Lot Clearing
Storm Damage Cleanup